The terms of participation

In the STONESVIT exhibition, a company (or FLP) can participate, the profile of which is related to the
Extraction, supply, sale of stone
Manufacture, sale of equipment for stone processing and stone mining
Manufacturing, supply of tools for stone processing
Сопутствующими направлениями (архитекторы, дизайнеры, логистические компании и др.)



A company wishing to participate in the exhibition must fill out a form (application) for participation. When filling out the participation form, the Exhibitor indicates the desired size of the area for participation in the exhibition.

Standard equipped stand

The cost of the stand with an area of at least 6 sq.m. rent included:
Table - 1 pc.
Chair - 2 pc.
Waste basket - 1 pc.
The frieze is monochrome

Registration and payment procedure




After receiving the registration form within two business days, the exhibition manager sends the Exhibitor a draft contract, including an invoice for payment.


The participation fee is paid in advance on the dates specified in the Agreement.


Exhibitor to the standard list can choose additional equipment (tables, chairs, stands, cabinets, etc.). The list of additional equipment is provided to the Exhibitor upon registration of participation.


On one of the days on the occasion of the opening of the exhibition, a gala banquet will be held, where participants will be able to conduct informal communication.