The organizer of the international exhibition of stone processing is the company «Balance». The founder of this company, the ideological inspirer and organizer of the STONESVIT project is Mustafin Konstantin Aleksandrovich.

The name of this expert in the field of stone processing equipment is probably already well known both in Eastern Europe to those business representatives who have been operating in this area for several years.

The need for such a forum, which could properly present and solve a number of issues in the field of stone processing in the Ukrainian sector, has ripened for a long time. Being a constant participant of exhibition events in different countries of the world (Italy, Poland, Argentina, Brazil, Japan, Belarus and so on), the current founder of STONESVIT became more and more convinced of the need to create a similar platform in Ukraine. The accumulated experience and observation of such events from the inside helped Mr. Mustafin to translate his idea into a corresponding project.

The accumulated experience of participation of its founders in such events and their holding allowed the company BALANCE  to organize a stone processing forum at the highest level in accordance with international standards and the expectations of its participants.



Concept, goals and objectives of STONESVIT

Holding such an event in Ukraine aims to implement several goals at once:

  • to enable participants to demonstrate their products and services to the end customer;
  • to form new business ties between various forum participants, to interest foreign businessmen to open representative offices in our country, demonstrating to them the prospects of the Ukrainian stone processing market;
  • to provide opportunities and tools for STONESVIT members to introduce new technologies and optimize services in this industry, to bring their quality to a new level.

The project of the international forum includes a number of areas related to stone processing. Businessmen and experts from dozens of countries of the Near Abroad, Europe and Asia have already announced their intention to take part in it. This once again testifies to the high interest and relevance of this format of a specialized forum in the eyes of world business. Based on the list and the scale of the participating companies, it can already be argued that the range of products and technologies they represent will be very impressive.


To a large extent, the interest of foreign companies in the Ukrainian market for the extraction and processing of stone rocks is dictated by the fact that a lot of similar material is mined in domestic quarries.

At the same time, stone blanks of various breeds differ favorably not only in their price, but also in color variety and durability. Accordingly, their use allows you to ensure high profitability of your business - including abroad.

In addition to the business focus of the STONESVIT exhibition, it is necessary to separately note its social significance.

Many technologies and organizational steps that optimize the extraction of raw materials and the production of finished products may soon be implemented in Ukraine. And this will lead to a decrease in harmful substances, a decrease in the negative impact on the environment, an improvement in the working conditions of personnel, an increase in the quality of the service provided, and so on. That is, the domestic mining industry and stone processing will take steps in their evolution.



For a proper understanding of the level at which the planned exhibition will be held, we bring to your attention archived video materials about similar forums in other countries. The proposed reports reflect only those events that took place with the direct participation of the founder of the company BALANCE  and exhibition STONESVIT.


Video report from Italy at the Marmomac exhibition in Verona


We invite everyone who wants to raise their business to a higher level to take part in the STONESVIT exhibition!