International Exhibition the STONESVIT

Welcome to exhibition the SVITSTONE  - the largest international trade fair for stone processing in Eastern Europe!

Our forum presents to the attention of current and potential owners of a stone processing business the latest achievements in this area.

Regardless of what your relation is to the field of working with stone - mining and supply of raw materials, production of equipment or tools, direct stone processing for the customer - you will have a good reason to participate in the event. First of all the STONESVIT exhibition is a powerful platform for business communication between participants in this business. All business representatives who came to the forum have a unique opportunity to find new partners, suppliers and customers. As a result, for many people such events are a wonderful reason to expand business horizons for their activities and even tools to reach a new level in their chosen field.

Why does our forum have such a high potential? There are several reasons for this:

  1. The greatest involvement of a wide variety of companies from Eastern Europe and other regions of the world, whose interests are related to the field of stone processing in one way or another. The forum is attended by invited businessmen from 43 countries.
  2. The relevance of presented technologies, tools, equipment and materials. During the exhibition, the latest trends in this area will be presented. They will have to shape the prospects of development of the market in the coming years. Such familiarization and correct assessment of the development of the direction of stone processing will become the basis for successful ideas for the development of their own business for each of the forum participants.
  3. The ability to build effective chains of interaction required by your enterprise, immediately and in one place. Practice of such forums shows a significant part of new contracts is concluded immediately on the spot or following their results.

What to expect from visiting the STONESVIT exhibition of stone processing?

Природный камень STONE

Внушительный ассортимент различных пород камня. Гранит, габбро, базальт, мрамор, известняк, травертин, оникс, диабаз и другие горные породы из карьеров различных стран удовлетворят запросы самых требовательных покупателей.

Natural stone "STONE"

An impressive assortment of various types of stone. Granite, gabbro, basalt, marble, limestone, travertine, onyx, diabase and other types of stone from quarries of various countries will satisfy the needs of the most demanding buyers.

Equipment "STONE+MAC"

Specialized equipment forstone processing. Stone cutting machines, mining equipment, crushing plants, excavators, dump trucks, bulldozers, quarry loaders, etc.


A wide range of stone processing tools in various sizes. The event presented diamond tools, grinding, drilling, cutting tools, chemicals for stone and many other categories of products, it hard to imagine the processing of various types of stone without it.

Accompanying services "STONE+SVC"

Another category of products and services. Within the framework of this part of the forum, architects, logistics companies, design bureaus and environmentalists, as well as suppliers of software, workwear and much more, which are not so obvious in the field of stone processing, will present their services.

The specialized international exhibition of stone processing the STONESVIT invites everyone to visit it as guests or participants.

We will be glad to see you at our profile business forum!

Welcome to the exhibition STONESVIT

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